My Return!!


When I was 18 years old. I was browsing YouTube, and just happened to see a video at the corner of my screen. Entitled, “Real life superhero patrols the streets of New York”.

Clicking on that video was were my journey began!! It inspired me to become the Knight Warrior. Previously, I had been wondering how I could make a difference in my community—not just in the crime fighting scene—but in many ways. From homeless outreach, to helping charities and anyone in need. I also wanted to inspire others to do the same, not necessarily to become a RLSH, but to do something worthwhile. No matter how big or small.

After I finished watching the video, I picked up a pad and pencil and started brainstorming ideas, from long flowing capes to the underwear on the outside, ha-ha! I had no idea where to start. Eventually, after about 2 weeks, I had it, a name, and a design! In all honesty, looking back, I regret the original design, because it had nothing to do with my name. It was just a blue spandex suit, and black eye mask from eBay!

A few days later, two parcels arrived in the post. It was the spandex suit and mask. That same night, I set out to on my first patrol. I had no idea what I was doing. I waited till 11pm, everyone in the house was sleeping, and off I went! Out the back door, I left. I wandered up the entry that faced my house.

Reaching the top of that entry, I froze and asked myself: “What am I doing?!” Contemplating whether to go further, I proceeded on. This was my first patrol. I stayed out for about an hour, and the night was quiet, not much happened. It was pleasant.

 A couple of months later, after many patrols, I was contacted by a production company for the BBC, which later turned out to be Frank Skinner’s Opinionated. They asked me to appear on the show, as they were doing a piece on Real life superheroes.  On April 1st, 2010—the day before my birthday—I went to film the show at Media City, in Salford. I was nervous, so when people were nice, it was a comfort to me. On the 7th April, the show aired. Knight Warrior’s journey became what it is…

A few years later, my suit had evolved. I acquired armour, so it suited my name. I decided to retire, in the end. The papers reported that I had been attacked, concluding that was the reason I had retired. But the reason was because I believed I was going about things the wrong way. Some TV shows, I regret, they made me look ridiculous. I know what you’re thinking! A guy in a superhero suit is comical, yes, it is! But what I am trying to do, is inspire others. Doing a comedy TV series isn’t the way to go about it, so I retired.

I spent many years training, getting in to shape and back into the right mind set. I moved to Merseyside, Wirral area. Last year, I finally decided to return. And so, I set out to design a new suit. It was much easier the second time around, as I already had a name and a look. I felt as though it just needed freshening up a bit. Now, I’m back, and I feel like I’ve never been away! I love what I do, and I’ll carry on doing it till I’m old and grey, that’s if nothing gets in my way!

1 thought on “My Return!!”

  1. You’re inspiring, whether you’re aware of that or not.
    People don’t realise how much of a target you put on yourself by going out dressed like it’s Halloween every night. It takes real guys to look so ridiculous in the real world. I’m not having a go at you; I know I look ridiculous, too. People don’t expect actual spandex-clad would-be heroes to patrol their neighbourhood. Not in the UK or Australia, at least.
    Yet we do it, challenging ourselves each time. If that’s not inspiring to those around you then I think they’re the ones who need the most amount of help.


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